Who we are

After 19 years dedicated to the transport sector, where I held the position of director of logistics, I decided to change course and start my own business. I opted for a customization company (vehicles, mugs, interiors, uniforms and much more) because I am passionate about design.

Giving a unique touch to the articles and customers liking and returning for the quality or exclusivity is what makes me fulfilled.

Of course, when starting this chapter, all the fears and problems of having a business of your own, machine breakdowns, betting on products that are not sold, stopped stock and much more. But all this is outdated and forgotten with the positive reviews we have received, mainly from the private sector. At the moment, 292 positive reviews are what give courage and a lot of strength to continue this journey.

I hope that 2023 is the year of Sê-Tu, it is the first year that I will dedicate myself 100% to this brand and this dream.

Ps I'm not very good at writing, more good at drawing and numbers.

Be You and give your touch to what surrounds you.